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For production equipment, the provincial government opened a loan for expansion of production facilities, capacity increase, purchase of machine tools. The size of the loan determined created for this account Committee. Low solvency handicraftsmen caused a modest size advances that could be used to improve production. At the time of taking orders for the manufacture of shells plants possessed 43 machine tools. The missing equipment was purchased by themselves. factory owners from private individuals throughout the country (39 pieces of equipment), either received with a long delay from the Main Committee (22 units), but for the most part it was ordered at other factories of the province (61 machines). First technological operation was launched in February 1916, the first small the round of shells was delivered only in May.

By December 1916 Provincial The committee has completely fulfilled the order, having made 10 thousand shells over the plan. Then the performance decreased again, because factories started repair equipment, thoroughly worn out during the year of lively work. Basically, the craftsmen made an order for the manufacture of horseshoes quartermaster model, horse and harness with a division at the front and rear, different numbers. In 1915, handicraftsmen produced 3,700 horseshoes, in 1916 already 154 thousand units. An attempt to establish factory production horseshoe  failed Contractor Okhremenko, who accepted the order to manufacture 2 million.  

18 GAOO, f.580., Article 2., D.4715, l.100. Appeal to the governor of the Aksenov and Sons Trading House.horseshoes and 3 million thorns to them, for a whole year could not organize the work his plant. The provincial committee had to petition for addition order for 1.5 million horseshoes and horseshoe thorns. Remaining orde It was transferred to the plant Aidelnant. For the execution of the order on time was established premium. For all the time the activities of the committee in February 1917, they were canceled wrong many orders: for 1.5 thousand hand grenades and 12 thousand. fittings to them by

the order of the Main Artillery Committee due to overproduction; the order for 5,300 axes was canceled due to its complexity for handicraft production. Finally, from an order for 1 million 450 thousand horseshoes and 2 million. spikes to them had to be abandoned due to the non-compliance with Okhmenko.